5 YouTube Channels Each IT Expert Must Know (+5 Extra)

by Mirek Burnejko

5 YouTube ChannelsBefore I ask you about your favorite YouTube channels, I want to share with you my opinion about this type of free learning method.

I love social media. Thanks to platforms like LinkedIN or Twitter I have access to news about new technologies or certifications. For IT professionals like you or me, there is something else – YouTube. Yes, YouTube. Some people use it for watching “60 Minutes with My Cats” or “The Best of Harlem Shake”. Our goal is to move our skills to another level, so we’re using YouTube to learn, learn and learn.

Today, it is simpler than ever. I would love to present you 5 the best YouTube channels that you must know and subscribe to them. These channels are fantastic way to give you amazing knowledge and help you with certification exams. Everything is for free.

On this list you can find channels that are updated on regular basis and provide high quality materials.

5 YouTube Channels Each IT Expert Must Know

I’m sure you will find something useful in these videos. A good idea is to subscribe to these channels and once a day/week check the subscribtion tab to update your skills and knowledge.

1. Labminutes

This is one of the most interesting YouTube channels I know. If you work with Cisco technology and want to gain some practical knowledge, the labminutes channel is for you. In this channel you will find video lessons divided into 3 categories: Wireless (1 video) Routing and Switching (27 videos), Security (63 videos). If you want to learn more about instalation of Nexus 1000V, Cisco ISA, DMVPNs or IPSEC tunnels, this channel is for you.

2. Keith Barker

Keith Barker is one of the most skillful and funny instrucotrs on the planet. Today he works with CBTNuggets, but still creates short videos on YouTube about different technologies, mainly security, IPv6 and networking. Highly recommended.

3. CBTNuggets

CBTNuggets is a company I trully love. Keith Barker, Jeremy Cioara and several other amazing instructors. Their YouTube channels is updated weekly. You will find here videos about networking, Backtrack, certifications, virtualization, Microsoft Windows, etc.

4. INE Training

This channel is dedicated to network engineers who think about becoming an expert (CCIE). INE few times a month uploads a new video from their list of great trainings.

5. TrainSignal

TrainSignal is also a training company. TrainSignals uses YouTube to promote their training and gives a lot of value uploading new videos few times a week. You will find here short video trainings about networking, system management, virtualization, etc.

[Extra] 6. Eli the Computer Guy (thanks Rahul)

This one was recommended by Rahul. Eli has amazing talent for sharing his knowledge. You can find here a lot of great video trainings about computers, servers, networking and more, more and more.

[Extra] 7. Chris Bryant (thanks Bart Van Den Bremt)

Another great channel recommended by Bart Van Den Bremt. This channel is targeted mainly to Cisco engineers (CCNA, CCNP level). Updated regulary with nice labs.

[Extra] 8. Kevin Wallace (thanks Luis Mediavilla)

It is another great channel for Cisco engineers. Kevin Wallace is CCIE RS/Voice and has amazing teaching experience.

[Extra] 9. Professor Messer (thanks Syed Saleem)

Another great channel recommended by our reader. Professor Messer is dedicaed to people who start with the IT industry and help with the preparion process to CompTIA certifications. Great quality and great teacher. Highly recommended.

[Extra] 10. DansCourses (thanks Bart Van Den Bremt)

Wow. This channel is great. Dan teaches about many technologies: Networking, Security, Linux, Windows, Flash. You must subscribe to this channel. Great quality.

What Is your Favorite YouTube Channel?

Plese feel free to share information about your favorite YouTube channels in the comment section below, because free knowledge is the best knowledge. I cannot wait to add channels you recommend to this list.

Use the comment section to share your favorite YouTube channels for IT Pros.