CNet Training: All About Data Centre Certifications – with Matthew Hawkins

by Mirek Burnejko

Matthew HawkinsThis is an interview with Matthew Hawkins from CNet Trainings.

Today we talk about Data Center (or if you’re located in UK – Data Centre) certifications. CNet Trainings specializes with certifications and trainings highly focused for people who design, maintain and work within data center facilities.

If your really think about decreasing operational costs for your organization and improve your value on the market this interview is for you.

In this interview you will find:

  • Which training and certification is good for you?
  • How you can save millions of dollars for you organization?
  • What additional benefits you will get?

IT Certification Master: Hi Matthew. Tell us something about you and your history in CNet Training.

Matthew Hawkins: I started with CNet Training in 2005 as a Sales Executive selling our training courses to the UK market. During 2005 CNet Training launched its first Data Centre training course “Data Centre Design” in the UK. Since then I have progressed to Business Development Manager and our course had grown to a full framework that is delivered globally.

ICM: You have 5 separate programs. Tell us first about your Certified Data Centre Design Professional, Certified Data Centre Management Professional, Certified Data Centre Technician Pro. Are these certifications targeted to the same group of people?

MH: We have built our Global Data Centre Education Framework to show the potential career progression starting with the Certified Data Centre Technician Pro CDCTPro™ program. This is designed for the technicians that are operating the data centre and explains what a data centre is, how you should behave and work within the facility and the standards and best practice for this level of work. It is aimed at both new starters and current technicians working within the data centre facility.

Following the CDCTPro™ program there is a career path available depending on the job role and career aspirations. These programs are:

  • Certified Data Centre Design Professional CDCDP™ which is for anyone that has data centre experience and is looking to or currently are designing the facility or changes to a current facility; design and build.
  • Certified Data Centre Management Professional CDCMP™ which is for anyone that has data centre experience and is looking to or currently manages the facility or parts of the facility; manage and evolve.
  • Certified Data Centre Energy Professional CDCEP™ which is for anyone that has data centre experience and is currently designing, managing or working within the facility and is involved in the management of energy and improving the efficiency of the data centre.

Data Centre Certifications

ICM: What can I achieve with the Certified Data Centre Energy Professional certification? Can I save millions of dollars for my organization after ending this program with providing the most efficient energy solutions?

MH: The short answer is yes. The cost of energy usage is rising and will continue to do so; even if you don’t care how much you spend on energy, other people do including those who create and enforce legislation, so the decision to become more efficient and reduce energy usage and therefore cost, may be taken out of your hands anyway.

ICM: How many people have the Certified Telecoms Project Manager title? Is this program targeted only to the biggest telecoms like Global Crossing or Telia Sonera or maybe smaller providers can think about this program.

MH: We have trained in excess of 200 people on this program. Anyone with the appropriate pre-requisite experience and knowledge can attend these courses and on successful completion (there are assessments) become certified and qualified.

ICM: What should I do to achieve any of these certifications? Do I need only a book or maybe specialized trainings are required?

MH: The qualifications are all awarded through classroom based training courses that we deliver globally on a regular basis. Visit our website to view up and coming course dates and locations or contact me to discuss.

ICM: Do you certifications give me more than knowledge and a title? Do employers with the biggest data centers are looking for people with your certifications? Can you share some numbers?

MH: Several large employers (including the largest data centre owner in the world) have adopted the Global Data Centre Education Framework, its certifications and qualifications as their internal training and career progression framework. It is recognised worldwide as are the certifications and qualifications which are easily mapped to local qualification frameworks.

ICM: Do you certifications popular and valuable in other continents or only in Europe?

MH: Because we offer qualifications awarded by Edexcel we truly have global recognition. The programs are available around the world on a regular basis and are very well recognised.

ICM: Let’s talk about what I can achieve with these certifications. Will I receive a phone from the biggest data centers in Europe after passing the Certified Data Centre Design Professional certification?

MH: Successfully completing these courses will award you with the relevant accreditation and post nominal letters; i.e. Joe Bloggs CDCDP plus an internationally recognised qualification awarded by Edexcel (a Pearson Group company).

You will also be able to join our Linked in CDCDP™ group which will allow you to network with other CDCDP™ qualification people from around the world and keep up with current topics and discussions.

ICM: What is your the biggest competitor and why you are better than them? 🙂

Data CenterMH: There are a few companies offering data centre training; however, no one else offers qualifications. We have been an Edexcel centre for sixteen years and are authorised to create and deliver BTEC qualifications. We have been through a strict process with the governing body, in this case Edexcel, who review and audit our program and examinations on a regular basis and award us with the qualifications for successful delegates. These qualifications are mapped to the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) which describes the level of knowledge achieved on our programs which in turn can then be mapped across to any country’s own QCF in order to show the level of qualification that an individual has achieved in their locale. Our CDCDP™, CDCMP™ and CDCEP™ programs are all at level 5 on the QCF which means the knowledge achieved is the same level as a Foundation Degree.

ICM: What are your plans for 2012? Are you going to provide new certifications or changes in the actual program?

MH: The Certified Data Centre Energy Professional CDCEP™ program is brand new and launching during 2012.

ICM: Thank you very much. Tell us also where we can start the story with your programs.

MH: Our website is the best place to start and can be found here.

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