How To Become Oracle Certified Master For Fun And Profit – with Kamil Stawiarski

by Mirek Burnejko

Kamil StawiarskiThis is an interview with Kamil Stawiarski. Kamil is the youngest Oracle Certified Master (OCM) in Poland and one of the youngest in the world. He’s a consultant. His skills are known in Poland and abroad. He works with dozens of companies who use Oracle databases. He’s also an amazing teacher, great performer and phenomenal person whom I truly admire.

In this interview you will find:

  • How IT Certification Master helped Kamil?
  • What are Kamil’s goals?
  • How YOU can do your first step with Oracle certifications?

Miroslaw Burnejko: Kamil, it’s an honor to speak with you. Before we get started with tour story, tell me about your story with IT Certification Master. Do you read it? What’s your favorite article?

Kamil Stawiarski: Thank you but all the pleasure is by my side. IT Certification Master was one of the websites, that helped me to gather all the necessary informations about the OCM exam. My favourites articles were: “Oracle: How To Become a Database Expert โ€“ with Paul Sorensen“, “Become a Legend โ€“ The Hardest IT Certifications to Get” and “Oracle Certified Master โ€“ OCM DBA“.

MB: Wow. Thank you for that words. Tell us something about your beginnings. When did you start your story with databases?

KS: I started when I was 19 – on the first year of studies (I needed money for beer ๐Ÿ™‚ ) . I started as a PL/SQL and Java developer.

MB: What was your first certifications and what was your the last one?

KS: For a long time I had no time for the certifications. I made my first certificate – Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert – after 7 years of experience. At this time I was already a trainer at Oracle Partner Academy and a freelancer – I decided to make the whole certification path up to the Oracle Certified Master – I managed to do it last year.

MB: I know from my friends, you one of the best Oracle experts in Poland. Do you agree? ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you think the Oracle Certified Master certification helps you with that?

KS: I like to think that I’m not the worst and I hope so – for the sake of my clients ๐Ÿ™‚ “Oracle Certified Master” certification helps in creating the offers but – fortunately – for most of the customers the experience is what really counts.

MB: I know that OCM is the highest certification from Oracle. Do you have any certification or title you want to achieve?

KS: There are two more titles, that I would like to gain someday – these are honorary titles: Oracle ACE and a membership in Oracle OakTable network. I’m trying to make a contribution for the Oracle community to deserve those titles.

MB: People say: โ€œCertifications without experience have no senseโ€. What is the best way to start a career with databases? Is it a good idea to pass any Oracle certification without experience?

KS: I agree that experience is the most important. But you have to start somehow – sometimes employers want people with certifications, because those certificates are important for making offers – especially in public sector. If someone wants to start the Oracle certification path, I think the best way is to start with “Oracle SQL Expert“.

MB: You work with tens of Polish companies and you teach database administrators. What is the most valuable skills DBAs need to achieve success?

KS: Tough question ๐Ÿ™‚ The most important skill is how to use google ๐Ÿ™‚
I think that very important thing is to understand the Oracle database architecture – and use this knowledge for problem resolution – and to try doing this without the fancy tools like TOAD or EM. SQLPlus and RMAN – these are DBA’s best friends. Of course I’m not an orthodox – I like the tools that can ease things up. But I think, that a DBA should know how to check the Oracle wait events for active sessions or how to restore a database without a graphical tools. Also I think that knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL is underestimated – a lot of DBAs thinks that these are only developer skills but this not true.

MB: In the Internet we can find hundreds of Orcale trainings, websites, blogs, podcasts. What are your top places to learn about database technologies?

KS: Well of course my blog ๐Ÿ™‚
My favourite blogs are:

MB: You are an idol form many people. Who’s your idol?

KS: The authors of blogs that are mentioned in the last question – those are the guys who are my Oracle idols. All of them are members of the OakTable.

MB: Thank you so much Kamil. Tell us what’s the best place to connect with you.

KS: My blog, my LinkedIN account and my YouTube channel.

[This is part of the Interviews with IT Pros Series]