BSD Associate – BSDA

by Mirek Burnejko

BSD Associate - BSDAThe BSD Associate certification covers installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of BSD based operating systems.

It is a simple exam that requires from you great UNIX skills. You must understand BSD filesystem, system administration and network administration.

It is a good certification that can prove your BSD skills in your resume. If you visit BSD conferences from time to time, do not wait and pass the BSD Associate certification.

What Exams You Must Pass to Become a BSD Associate

Before registration you must obtain the BSDCG ID (free), which is needed to all your BSD certifications.

You do not need any training or other exam to achieve the BSD Associate certification.

Format of the BSD Associate Exam

It is a normal test. You have 90 minutes to answer 100 questions.
The passing score is equal to 500 (you may receive 200-700 points).

Where You Can Pass the BSD Associate Exam

You can pass the exam on a BSD event (you will receive a list of the events during your registration process). You can also pass the exam in the nearest ISO Quality Testing center (registration through the BSD website).

To register to the exam, visit this site. Next provide your email address, BSDCG ID and choose a place and a date for the exam.

How Much Does the BSD Associate Exam Cost

Conference – paper based exam – $75.
IOS Quality Testing – computer based exam – $150.

How To Renew your BSD Associate Certification

The certification is valid for 5 years. To renew your BSD Associate certification you must pass the BSDA exam one more time.

Scope of the BSD Associate Exam

  • Installing & Upgrading the OS and Software – 13%
  • Securing the Operating System – 11%
  • Files, Filesystems, and Disks – 15%
  • Users and Accounts Management – 16%
  • Basic System Administration – 12%
  • Network Administration – 15%
  • Basic Unix Skills – 17%

How To Prepare to the Exam

Examples of Job Opportunities

Success Story

If you interested with sharing your success story with BSD Associate please contact me.

Questions and Answers

Q: Can an employer check that I really passed the exam?
A: Yes. Employer can send an email to [email protected] Also, after passing the BSD Associate exam, you will receive a welcome letter, a certificate and a business card with the BSDCG logo.

Q: Are there any other certifications about a BSD operating system?
A: No, but you can find a few certifications that can prove your UNIX skills. More on the list of Linux/UNIX certifications.