Interviews with Vendors

Nobody will give you much information about the IT certifications, as the people who create them. In this series of interviews, you will learn about new products in the world of IT certifications, how and where to prepare for exams, and upcoming changes to existing certification systems.

  • Liz BurnsJuniper: Is It Time For A New Design Certification – with Liz Burns
    • What changes were introduced with the new JNCIP-SEC?
    • Why Juniper decided to retire JNCIA-FW?
    • Are we going to see changes in JNCIE and a new Design certification this year?


  • Karl ChildsHP: The Best Place to Start with The Cloud World – with
    Karl Childs
    • What is the best place to start with HP’s cloud certifications?
    • Does HP offers free materials for students?
    • Do employers need cloud computing specialists with the HP certifications?


  • Justyna La PayUltimate Knowledge Institute: Certified Security Expert – with
    Justyna La Pay
    • Why social media security is one of the hottest topics in 2013?
    • Do companies need certified social media security experts?
    • How to prepare for these certifications?


  • Marcel HeilijgersCloud Credential Council: New Cloud Certifications – with
    Marcel Heilijgers
    • What are benefits from these programs for you and your employers?
    • How to prepare to these certifications?
    • What combination of cloud certifications can help you to find a great job?


  • Thomas ErlArcitura Education: Cloud Computing Expert – with
    Thomas Erl
    • Do employers need cloud specialists?
    • Can SOA and Cloud topics be vendor-neutral?
    • What you can learn with the Cloud Certified Professional program?


  • Ben KepesCloudU: Free Cloud Training and Certification – with
    Ben Kepes
    • How to start with the CloudU program?
    • Why Rackspace has created a free cloud certification?
    • How many people have the CloudU certification?


  • Priya SethuramanPMI: Become an Agile Project Manager – with
    Priya Sethuraman
    • What are advantages of the PMI-ACP certification?
    • Does PMP helps with achieving PMI-ACP?
    • Will we see new preparation materials for PMI-ACP?


  • Sondra J. SchneiderSecurity University: Security Skills Puzzle – with
    Sondra J. Schneider
    • Who should think about hands-on cyber security skills?
    • Why Ethical Hacker Certification?
    • What about trainings from SU think others?


  • Antonella CornoCisco: How To Become a CCIE Data Center – with
    Antonella Corno
    • How to prepare to the CCIE Data Center exams?
    • Is the CCIE Data Center certification for you?
    • What is the best starting point for the DC world?


  • Ken Salchow F5F5: New Certifications – with
    Ken Salchow
    • Why F5 has developed new 12 certifications?
    • Will F5 add a practical exam?
    • How to prepare to the new F5 exams?


  • Owen DeLongHurricane Electric: IPv6 Certifications and IPv6 T-Shirts – with Owen DeLong
    • Why this certification program for FREE?
    • How many people have the IPv6 Sage certification?
    • What is the best place to start with the IPv6 world?


  • Liz BurnsJuniper: How These Certifications Make You a Better Engineer – with Liz Burns
    • What is the best way to become JNCIE?
    • Do we really need “Design” certifications?
    • What new in the 2013 timeframe?


  • Paul SorensenOracle: How To Become a Database Expert – with
    Paul Sorensen
    • What steps give you the best start in your career?
    • What is the hardest part of achieving the OCM title?
    • Why required trainings for OCP are good idea?


  • Rick VanoverBackupAcademy: Data Protection Expert – with
    Rick Vanover
    • What you can learn with this program?
    • Do you need to be a virtualization expert?
    • What other resources and tools Veeam has for you?


  • Matthew HawkinsCNet Training: Data Centre Certifications – with
    Matthew Hawkins
    • Which training and certification is good for you?
    • How you can save millions of dollars for you organization?
    • What additional benefits you will get?


  • Vivek RamachandranSecurityTube: Infosec Certifications – with
    Vivek Ramachandran
    • What is the biggest advantage of SecurityTube certifications?
    • Why SecurityTube Wi-Fi Security Expert certification?
    • How to prepare to SWSE and SMFE certifications?


  • Maurilio GoritoRiverbed: The Fastest IT Certifications – with
    Maurilio Gorito
    • Who should get a Riverbed certification?
    • How to prepare to the RCSA or RCSP certification?
    • Do you need a networking background?


  • Rick BauerCompTIA: How to Choose a Certification – with
    Rick Bauer
    • Why Strata Fundamentals is good?
    • Why CompTIA Cloud Essentials?
    • Why CompTIA Storage+ is a game changer?


  • David-Laird-BCS-MTPBCS MTP: The Mainframe Certifications – with
    David Laird
    • Do employers need people with these certifications?
    • How to prepare to the exams and how to pass them?
    • Are there any other Mainframe certifications?


  • Steve PhilpThe Open Group: Business Architecture Skills – with
    Steve Philp
    • What Architects should know about TOGAF 9?
    • Why the Open CA certification is so hard to achieve?
    • What changes in the program we should see in 2012?


  • Debbie ZendZend: Profit From PHP Certifications – with
    Debbie Otterstetter
    • What are the benefits of the Zend certifications?
    • Why Zend builds the exams with the community?
    • How the Zend website can help you?


  • Elzbieta_LPILPI: The Power of Being Neutral – with
    Elzbieta Godlewska
    • Who should think about LPIC-1, LPIC-2 and LPIC-3?
    • What will change with LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 in 2012?
    • Who will find the new LPI certification useful?


  • Phoenix HuaweiHuawei: New Huawei Certifications – with
    Phoenix Shen
    • What new certifications we are going to see?
    • Who can use the fast-track program?
    • Who should start thinking about the Huawei certifications?


  • CWNP-KSCWNP: Are Neutral Wireless Experts Important? – with
    Kevin Sandlin
    • Why everyone should learn more about Wi-Fi?
    • What materials are the best for self-study trainings?
    • Do employers need engineers with CWNP?


  • ETA-CBETA International: 80 Certifications, 40 Years – with
    Chrissy Baker
    • How to prepare to ETA certifications?
    • What connects ETA, CompTIA and Motorola?
    • Why employers look for people with ETA certs?


  • On The GoWARE: Mobile Developer with Certifications – with
    Mike Newman
    • How to become a certified mobile developer?
    • Where to start?
    • Why these certifications are the best investment


  • Palo Alto Networks: CNSE, History and Future – with
    Michael Pawloski
    • Update for the CNSE certification to PAN-OS 4.1
    • How to prepare to the exam and how to pass it?
    • What is the real value of the CNSE certification?