Small Changes on IT Certification Master

by Mirek Burnejko

Hello guys. This is a short information about small changes on IT Certification Master. Nothing dramatic, but things that will help you with your professional goals.

1. More Interviews

I did 21 interviews with IT Professionals and 26 interviews with Program Managers. You like these interviews, I like them too. That’s why I decided to do more interviews and provide only fresh information and great advises from experts and program managers.

IT Heros

2. Trainings

I did a small experiment and I created a small website about IT trainings. This website is quite popular (only 6 posts), that’s why I decided to add more information about free trainings, promotions and news to IT Certification Master.

Here are two the most popular posts:
FREE CCNA and CCNA Voice Training from INE (no strings attached)
How To Become a Wi-Fi Security Expert for FREE

IT Training World

3. New Place for “How To Pass The XXX Certification”

I decided to stop writing “How To Pass The XXX Certification” series on IT Certification Master. Articles like this one: CCIE Data Center won’t be added on this site.

I decided to use CertRank for that. My developer did small changes. It’s still a beta, but I’m going to add information about certifications as soon as possible (I contact certified people and program managers to provide only the best information). There is a lot to do with CertRank, but I hope you can find it useful.

Here’s an example – How to pass the CCNA certification.


4. Thanks for Our Sponsor – Backup Academy

I would love to thank to our sponsor. Veeam, the creator of Backup Academy, is an amazing company. Why?

  • The certification and training are 100% free
  • Veeam creates amazing products which use I my lab (Veeam Backup Free Edition)
  • Veeam presents every week new amazing webinars.
  • They help me to build IT Certification Master, CertRank and TrainingRank.
  • I’m a Certified Backup Academy Professional and I had a lot of fun during the certification process.

Backup Academy

I would love to know your opinion about changes. Contact me at [email protected] or leave a comment. Thanks !!!