Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert – CCIE RS

by Mirek Burnejko


The Best of The Best

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert in Routing and Switching (CCIE RS) is the most desirable IT certification on the job market. Why?
First it’s hard to pass. To become CCIE, you must pass a written qualification exam and an eight-hour lab.

CCIE RS is also the most popular of the CCIE certifications. Almost 80% of network engineers, who start their adventure with expert level, are choosing Routing and Switching.

This certification is also important for employers.
The legend and the level of difficulty of the exam itself, makes from CCIEs real experts in the eyes of employers and also the Cisco partners must have CCIEs in their structures to move their partnerships to the silver and gold level.

CCIE RS covers all aspects of routing and switching, but also some aspects of security and service providers.

That is why CCIE RS it the most desirable networking certification on the job market.

What Exams You Must Pass to Become CCIE RS

Written exam (350-001) and the lab exam.

Where You Can Pass the CCIE RS Exam

Written Exam (Qualification)
You can pass the exam in any Pearson VUE center. The nearest center you can find here.

Lab Exam
After passing the CCIE RS written exam, you can schedule the lab exam. On the special CCIE website you must provide information about your written score and the date of the written exam. After this step you can choose the exam date and location of the exam.

The exam you can pass in one of the nine examination points around the world.

  • Bangalore, India
  • Beijing, China
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Hong Kong, PRC
  • RTP, USA
  • San Jose, USA
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • More info here

How Much Does the CCIE RS Exam Cost

  • The written exam costs $350 plus taxes
  • The lab exam costs – $1500 plus taxes

Format of the Exam

The written exam is a two-hour exam and consists a hundred online questions. You must answer many single and multi-choice questions and do few simulations.

The lab exam consists of two blocks: two-hour troubleshooting lab and six-hour configuration lab. In the troubleshooting part you must resolve about ten cases (not connected with each other) in a big (virtual) topology. In the configuration part you must configure complex scenarios on few routers and switches.

How To Renew Your CCIE RS Certification

After passing the CCIE RS lab exam you must pass every two years, any CCIE written exam (Routing and Switching, Security, Service Provider, etc.), CCDE written exam or CCAr exam.

Scope of the CCIE RS exam

The list of all topics is available on the official Cisco website (you need a login for that). Scope of the written exam. Scope of the lab exam.

How To Prepare to the CCIE RS Exam

How to Build a Lab for the CCIE RS Exam

We present you three option for practice to the exam.

Examples of Job Opportunities

Success Story

“Passing CCIE RS lab exam opened the doors of the jobs I always was dreaming off.
Dedication and motivation should be your leitmotiv. You can’t find a shortcut to attain an expert level, this is the first thing to understand, the road is long and you better be prepared to that before you start.”

Nicolas Michel, CCIE RS #29410

Questions and Answers

Q: Do I need to pass CCNA or other certification to achieve CCIE?
A: No. To achieve CCIE you must pass written CCIE and the practice CCIE RS exam. You don’t need CCNA or CCNP.

Q: Is it true that after Micronics bootcamp I can fail the lab exam and have the second attempt for free?
A: After an easy process, you can achieve voucher code from Cisco and have an access to a second attempt for $0 plus taxes (taxes are always calculated from $1500).