Cisco IOS XR Specialist

by Mirek Burnejko

IOS XR SpecialistThe IOS XR Specialist certification is the newest program from Cisco that covers one of the operating systems used in High-End Cisco routers like CRS, ASR 9000, and XR12000.

This year we can observe a new trend from Cisco. With the Service Provider Operations and upgraded Service Provider tracks we see a new wave where IOS XR and IOS XE are becoming standard operating systems for Cisco engineers.

Many Cisco folks who work with the standard IOS have a possibility to train all aspects of networking configurations in emulators and simulators. The SP, SPOps and the new Cisco IOS XR Specialist certifications are possible to pass only if you have an experience with real hardware and software. Great move from Cisco to add more value to certification programs.

What Exams You Must Pass to Become a IOS XR Specialist

You must pass only one exam IMTXR – Implementing and Maintaining Cisco Technologies Using IOS XR – 644-906.

Format of the IOS XR Specialist Exam

It’s a normal, computer-based test. You have 90 minutes to answer 65-75 questions.

Where You Can Pass the IOS XR Specialist Exam

You can pass the exam in the nearest Pearson VUE examination center.

How Much Does the IOS XR Specialist Exam Cost

The exam costs $200.

How To Renew your IOS XR Specialist Certification

The certification is valid for two years. Before the date of expiration you must pass one of the exams:

  • Pass one more time the IMTXR exam
  • Pass a CCIE written (like CCIE Storage) or the CCDE written exam
  • Pass the CCDE practical exam or the CCAr interview/board review
  • more on the Cisco website

Scope of the IOS XR Specialist Exam

  • Physical Architecture, Environmental and Power (CRS, ASR9000)
  • Install, Licensing and Packages
  • ACLs, QoS, NetFlow, Multicasting
  • Management (SNMP, SSH, MPP, TACACS+)
  • more on the official Cisco website

How To Prepare to the Exam

We also recommend this amazing video recored by Brian McGahan – CCIE #8593 (R&S/Service Provider/Security)

Examples of Job Opportunities

Success Story

If you interested with sharing your success story with IOS XR Specialist please contact me.