Oracle: Cloud Certifications for Database Administrators – with Paul Sorensen

by Mirek Burnejko

Paul SorensenThis is an interview with Paul Sorensen (Senior Director, Global Certification Programs).

Paul is responsible for all aspects of the Oracle Certification Program, including strategy, development, operations and marketing.

Today we talk about new cloud certifications.

In this interview you will find:

  • Why it’s time for cloud certifications for database administrators?
  • What are requirements for OCP and OCM Cloud Administrator?
  • What is the best way to prepare for the 1Z1-028 exam?

Mirek Burnejko: Hello Paul. Can you remind my readers who are you and what is your role in Oracle?

Paul Sorensen: I manage the Oracle Certification Program globally and have a really great team that supports the certification effort.

MB: Can you tell us why you decided to introduce OCP and OCM Cloud Administrator?

PS: As companies work to provide cloud-based services to their employees and customers it is important that they have highly-skilled, experienced and trained IT professionals to competently maintain and optimize the underlying systems associated with delivery of those services. We want to help people develop their skills this expanding technology area.

MB: Why there is no OCA Cloud Administrator?

PS: Good question. Managing cloud-based systems is not an entry-level function. The role is sophisticated enough that our research led us to believe that OCP-level should be a minimum requirement for the certification.

MB: What are requirements for OCP and OCM Cloud Administrator?

PS: Because requirements sometimes change slightly I’d like to refer you to the Oracle certification website for this information. Please note that there are prerequisites and a variety of requirements associated with these credentials.

MB: At this moment 1Z1-028 is in the beta phase. Can you share with us your first results?

PS: This exam is actually not quite in actual beta testing, but should be soon. The exam developers are working to complete the final touches and to complete the final reviews. I hope and expect this to be finished up sometime soon. We will make an announcement once it comes online (in beta) and we invite people to participate.

MB: What is the best way to prepare for the 1Z1-028 exam?

PS: Great question. First of all we will being listing the exam objectives on this page. Candidates should use these as a reference as they study for the exam. There is a plan to offer a video-based course but this is still in the development phase. This will be a great way to prepare.

MB: Is it possible to prepare for OCE Oracle Real Application Clusters 11g and Grid Infrastructure Administrator or OCE Oracle Exadata Database Machine Administrator without trainings and expensive investments?

PS: As always I would refer to you to the Oracle certification website for details. It is possible to earn these two credentials without mandatory training attendance. However I would also add that Oracle University training is the best preparation for the certification exams and I highly recommend that candidates consider Oracle University training as a part of a comprehensive preparation plan.

MB: As we all know cloud is the hottest topic of this year. What are your plans for this year?

PS: Cloud is definitely hot. This is a very exciting time in the IT industry. We are very excited about upcoming products and their associated certifications that we have planned. We are hard at work to make sure that the credentials that Oracle grants to individuals continue to have value in helping them improve job performance, find jobs and improve their careers in technology. This is what it is all about – helping people improve their careers by helping them become better technologists.

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