CompTIA Storage+

by Mirek Burnejko

CompTIA Storage+On the job market we see new trends. Few years ago VMware started to changed the world with virtualization, now we hear all the time about clouds, but there are few technologies that are with us for decades. One of them is storage.

Some companies don’t have virtualization/cloud technologies implemented, but almost all of them have any kind of storage devices. That’s why knowledge about storage components, storage management and data protection is crucial.

The best way to start is certification program presented by CompTIA – Storage+. The whole program is powered by an association of producers and consumers of storage networking products – Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA).

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What Exams You Must Pass to Become a CompTIA Storage+ Certified

You must pass only one exam Storage+ (SGO-001).

Format of the Exam

It’s a standard exam. 100 questions (closed) during 90 minutes. The passing score is 72%.

Where You Can Pass the CompTIA Storage+ Exam

You can pass the exam in the nearest Pearson VUE examination center. Just use search to find a center near you and then schedule a test (login on the website is required).

How Much Does the CompTIA Storage+ Certification Cost

The CompTIA Storage+ exam costs $246.

How To Renew your CompTIA Storage+ Certification

The certification is valid for three years. Before the date of expiration you must pass the current Storage+ exam.

Scope of the CompTIA Storage+ Exam

  • Describe disk types, components, and features
  • Install and maintain connectors and cable types
  • Describe the uses of physical networking hardware
  • Install and maintain modular storage array components
  • Identify common storage networking industry terms
  • Implement the Ethernet and Fibre Channel technologies
  • Identify the basics of converged storage network technologies (FCoE, DCB)
  • Troubleshoot common networking and Fiber Channel problems
  • Compare and contrast common storage infrastructures (SAN, DAS, NAS)
  • Explain the RAID levels
  • Execute storage provisioning techniques
  • Describe general virtualization concepts
  • Explain redundancy concepts, associated purposes, and components
  • Explain the basics of data backup concepts for long term storage
  • Explain the basic concepts and importance of data security
  • more on the official website

How To Prepare to the Exam

Examples of Job Opportunities

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Questions and Answers

Q: What other certifications do you recommend to start with the Storage World?
A: For pure storage skills I recommend: EMC Information Storage and Management Associate – EMCISA and HP ATP – Storage Essentials. For more advanced topics you should check SNIA Certified Storage Engineer (SCSE) and SNIA Certified Storage Architect (SCSA). If you think about Storage Networking, I highly recommend Cisco Data Center Storage Networking Support Specialist which is good not only for Cisco engineers. Also Articura is working on the Certified Cloud Storage Specialist program which should be available this year.