CloudU: Free Cloud Computing Training and Certification – with Ben Kepes

by Mirek Burnejko

Ben KepesThis is an interview with Ben Kepes about the CloudU program and certification.

Ben sits on the boards of a number of organizations and is considered an authority on the subject of Cloud Computing. He is also an advisor for a few SaaS (software as a service) companies.

In this short interview your will find:

  • How to start with the CloudU program?
  • Why Rackspace decided to provide a free cloud computing certification?
  • How many people have the CloudU certification?

Mirek Burnejko: Hello Ben. Tell us something about you and your role with the CloudU program.

Ben Kepes: I’m a cloud computing analyst and commentator that is passionate about helping real world business gain benefits from the cloud. CloudU was an idea I’d been brewing for a few years and I was lucky enough that Rackspace bought into the vision of a vendor neutral program. I run CloudU from my home in rural New Zealand – a perfect use case for how the cloud enables agility and new work practices!

MB: You are one of the creators of CloudU. Tell us why RackSpace had decided to provide this program to the community?

BK: A rising tide lifts all boats. Rackspace realizes that more people knowing about cloud is good for everyone in the industry.

MB: Why you decided to provide the trainings and certification for free?

BK: I’m passionate about getting this content out as far as possible – removing cost as a barrier to this is a strong driver for uptake.

MB: What our readers can learn with 10 the lessons provided by CloudU?

BK: Your readers will come away with a solid basis of understanding about cloud – they will be able to ask pertinent and relevant questions of buyers and understand the best practices to adopt when moving to the cloud.

MB: Is this training only for engineers?

BK: Not at all – in fact it is arguably more for business people – it really is very broad-based.

MB: What are your plans for the future? Will you add something new to the actual training?

BK: We are continuing to build out more and more content as we go along.

CloudU Certification

MB: How many people have the CloudU certification?

BK: Around five thousand so far.

MB: What next? What do you recommend after ending the CloudU program?

BK: There is a very vibrant LinkedIn community that is a great way for CloudU graduates to continue learning and sharing with their peers.

MB: What do you think about cloud certifications in general? Will we see the same boom as with networking or project management certifications?

BK: As cloud continues to grow then yes, a boom in certifications will occur.

MB: Thank you so much. What is the best way to start with CloudU?

BK: Simply sign up online – it’s completely free!

If you have the CloudU certification, please visit CertRank – CloudU and share your opinion about this program.

[This is part of the Interviews with Vendors Series]