[Quick Share] How To Become a Cisco Expert for Free

by Mirek Burnejko

Free10 years ago to find some information about new technologies without paying was almost impossible. 5 years ago some companies started to give more resources for free to acquire clients and sell them pro products. Today we can see even more.

I was using paid materials from INE, IPX and CBTNuggets for my CCIE preparation and to understand the voice technology. They invest amazing amount of time and resources to give you more and more materials and create from you a Cisco expert.

I’m a big fan of free products and business models build on Freemium. I’m also a big fan of video tutorials. So here are my favorite three companies that provide free video materials.

Become a Cisco Expert with INE for FREE

We recommend you to subscribe to their Youtube channel. Do you want to understand IOS XR basics or understand how performance routing works? Or maybe you want to know what is required for the CCIE Data Center certification? Amazing quality, amazing knowledge and great presentation.

INE Youtube Channel

Become a Cisco Expert with IPX for FREE

IPX is an amazing company. Their Youtube channel isn’t rich as INE’s, but they have in their offer a product called vSeminars. 17 videos about Routing and Switching, 8 videos about Security, 8 videos about Wireless and 11 videos about Voice. My favorite are videos recorded by Marko Milivojević.

To watch these videos, just visit the IPX website, choose a category, click Recored vLectures and play a video. No registration. IPX, please upload your videos to YouTube. People would love that.

Cisco Expert IPX

Become a Cisco Expert with CBTNuggets “Almost” for FREE

CBTNuggets is a great company. They produce amazing video trainings. Although, they don’t offer full trainings for free, you can find their YouTube channel useful. They’ve uploaded hundreds of video for IT Specialists.

The most important thing to me is their preview option for their paid trainings. They offer a preview to all videos. Just visit the CBTNuggets site and choose a technology/certificaiton. If you haven’t heard about CBTNuggets, please watch any video done by Jeremy Cioara. CBTNuggets, please upload more videos to YouTube, especially created by Jeremy.


Who’s Your Favorite?

Who has the best free trainings for Cisco Experts? Please share your opinion in the comment section below.