On The GoWARE: How To Become A Mobile Developer with Certifications – with Mike Newman

by Mirek Burnejko

Mobile Developer with CertificationsThis is an interview with Mike Newman, who is the President of On The GoWare and the Mobile Development Institute.

Mobile Development Institute provides great trainings and certifications for people who want to become a mobile developer.

So if you want to create applications for iOS, Android or Blackberry, you must check this website.

In this interview you will find:

  • How to become a certified mobile developer?
  • Where to start if you do not know about developing mobile applications?
  • Why these certifications are the best investment in 2012?

IT Certification Master: Hi Mike. Tell me something about you and your role in On The GoWare and the Mobile Development Institute.

Mike Newman: I am one of the founders of both On The GoWARE and the Mobile Development Institute, and currently serving as President of both organizations.

ICM: Can you tell me about history of your certifications? When did you realize that the certifications for iOS and Android developers are needed on the market?

MN: We have been teaching software development for mobile platforms since early 2010. In early 2011, resellers of our classes (mostly technical schools, colleges, and universities), began asking about a certification title to entice their students. We officially created the basis and requirements for MDICD certification mid-2011.

ICM: You have few certifications in your portfolio. Tell us more more about them

MN: We have two certifications: the MDICD (Certified Developer) and the MDICI (Certified Instructor). Within each certification, a bearer can have up two three specializations (Apple, Google, and/or BlackBerry). The certification means that we have verified that the bearer knows how to design, program, and publish a standalone application on the platform of their specialization(s).

Those that complete the entire training program are automatically certified. Those that wish to attain certification through examination can find the details of the testing process.

ICM: What is the real value of your certifications? Do employers look for people with your certifications?

MN: The significance of the MDICD continues to grow. Unlike other IT certifications, for which students can cram material and pass a test without any practical experience, our certification means that our instructors have verified that the bearer knows what they’re doing. This certification is very helpful to employers that may not themselves possess the technical skills to determine if job applicants really know what they’re doing. All of our certified instructors are teachers that possess both state teaching credentials as well as the MDICD credential.

ICM: What is the best way to achieve these certifications? Do you provide trainings for developers?

MN: For those that aren’t experienced mobile developers, we provide various training programs depending on their level of skills.

Our training program is unique in that we can teach someone with no computer programming knowledge whatsoever and guide them all the way through their first app.

We also teach people that are already professional programmers but what to learn the specifics of mobile software development. For those individuals that are already mobile developers, we conduct an examination to verify their skills and then issue the MDICD credential.

ICM: Are your certifications good for people who know nothing about writing applications for Android or iOS

MN: Yes. Most of the people that come to us for training are total beginners.

ICM: Why someone with big experience should think about your certifications?

MN: Possessing the MDICD credential means to any potential client or employer that your skills have been verified by an independent organization and also gives developers an advantage over their competitors.

ICM: Let’s build a perfect iOS or Android developer who will build great applications and… earn a lot of money. What should I do, where I should start? Where in this process are MDI Certified Mobile Developer certifications?

MN: If you’ve never programmed any computer software, the place to start is our MDI100 course (Programming Fundamentals and Introduction to Mobile Technologies). More information can be found here. This is the first course in a series of four courses that need to be completed in order to earn an MDICD credential within a specialization platform (Apple, Google, or BlackBerry).

ICM: Do you think the value of certifications for developers will be growing in 2012/2013?

MN: Yes. IT certifications are very important to employers, especially certifications like ours that require verification of hands-on practical skills, and not just book-based learning of theory.

ICM: Tell me about your goals for 2012/2013. Do you have plan for new certifications or training materials?

MN: Our training materials change all the time because the mobile industry changes so rapidly. There is a new operating system release every 6-9 months and new hardware innovations for each leading platform, so our classes are always being updated. We have rarely conducted the same class twice because there is new training material created every 3 months.

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