Junior Level Linux Certification – LPIC-1

by Mirek Burnejko


First Level

The Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC) program is one of these good things for the IT industry, because concentrates on the neutral aspects of a certain technology. We can find CWNP for the wireless networking, SNIA for the storage industry and LPI for the Linux world.

LPIC in a simple way differentiate levels of engineers. The original, 3-level system, exactly matches to the real word experience and scenarios. Many engineers and Linux enthusiasts use the LPIC-1 preparation materials to take their knowledge to a higher level.

Before I started my preparation to RHCE, I was using LPIC-1 materials to understand all basic ideas of the Linux foundations, applications and other network and system configurations.

Many engineers, who work with Linux systems in corporations, have knowledge and certifications from RedHat, CompTIA or LPI. The first step for the The Linux Professional Institute system is the Junior Level Linux Certification (LPIC-1).

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What Exams You Must Pass

To achieve the first level of the LPIC certification, you must pass two exams: LPI 101 (117-101) and LPI 102 (117-102).
The exams cover all basic subjects, like the Linux system architecture or networking and security.
You do not need any prerequisites for this certification.

Format of the Exam

Exam is a normal computer-based exam. It takes 2 hours and have about 60 questions (multi-choice and single-choice).

Where You Can Pass the LPIC-1 Exam

You can pass both exams in one of the Prometric centers or Pearson VUE centers.

How Much Does the LPIC-1 Exam Costs

Both exams cost about $170 each plus taxes.

How To Renew Your LPIC-1 Certification

LPIC-1 is valid for 5 years. During this period, you must pass one more time, both exams to be the LPIC-1 certified. LPI recommends passing exams every 2 years, because new features are added and old topics are removed. The exam itself is build with the community support. You can read and ask more about the exam on the LPI mailing list.
Good information: When you pass LPIC-2 and LPIC-3, you will renew your LPIC-1 for another 5 years.

Scope of the LPIC-1 exams

The LPI 101 exam covers all basic aspects of the Linux architecture. You need to know basic commands, can describe filesystem and how devices are presented. The knowledge about installation a system and a new system’s basic configuration is mandatory. The exam is not concentrated on any distribution. You must know, how to work with .rpm and .dpkg packages.

You can find here all detailed information about the LPI 101 exam scope.

The LPI 102 exam covers more advanced topics. Basic network and security aspects are covered. You must know how to work with shell and write simple BASH scripts. Also configuration of basics daemons and services is important.

You can find here all detailed information about the scope of LPI 102 exam.

How To Prepare to the LPIC-1 Exam

You can find three main ways to prepare for the LPIC-1 IT certification.

Self-Study Free Edition
One of the best methods and considered as the only true option by many specialist. The Linux community is the best. All materials for the preparation you can find in documentation, man pages, forums and mailing lists. You should train for the LPIC-1 certification with at least three distributions: RedHat (Fedora/CentOS), Debian (Ubuntu) and SUSE.

Self-Study Paid Edition
You should train on a few Linux distributions. With training materials you always have someone, who will show you the material.

Examples of Job Opportunities

Success Story

If you interested with sharing your success story with LPIC-1 please contact me.

Questions and Answers

Q: Will I receive any paper certification, if I pass the LPIC-1 exam?. I want the LPIC-1, LPIC-2 and LPIC-3 paper certifications on my wall.
A: Don’t worry. If you pass both exams you will receive a paper certification from LPI.