Advanced Level Linux Certification – LPIC-2

by Mirek Burnejko

LPIC-2Advanced Level Linux Certification – LPIC-2 is an advanced certification added to the LPI portfolio November 29, 2001. Eleven years later it is a well-known neutral Linux certification.

LPI does not concentrate on a distribution but on Linux in general. The certification is a great proposition for all, who want to work for medium-size companies with different Linux platforms.

The scope of the LPI exams (also for Level 1 and 3) are well suited for today’s market. The system is also under a development and this year we should see new scopes for the exams that give us more value during a preparation process.

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What Exams You Must Pass to Become LPIC-2 Certified

To achieve the second level of the LPIC certification, you must pass two exams: LPI 201 (117-201) and LPI 202 (117-202).
If you want to achieve the LPIC-2 title you must have a valid LPIC-1 certification.

Format of the Exam

You must answer 60 single and multi-choice questions. You have two hours to answer all the questions. It is a normal computer-based test.

Where You Can Pass the LPIC-2 Exam

You have two options. You can pass the exams in the nearest Prometric center or Pearson VUE center. Just find the nearest office on the websites or call any office to arrange the exam.

How Much Do the LPIC-2 Exams Cost

Each exam costs $170.

How To Renew Your LPIC-2 Certification

Each certification from LPI is valid for 5 years. Before the expiration date you must pass both exams for LPIC-2 or both exams for LPIC-3.

Scope of the LPIC-2 exam

Both exams cover topics about advanced Linux configuration.

  • Linux Kernel
  • System Startup
  • Filesystem and Devices
  • Advanced Storage Device Administration
  • Networking Configuration
  • System Maintenance
  • Domain Name Server
  • Web Services
  • File Sharing
  • Network Client Management
  • E-Mail Services
  • System Security
  • Troubleshooting

More detailed information you can find on the official website – exam 117-201 and 117-202.

How To Prepare to the Exam

The exams require from you knowledge about few Linux distributions. We recommend to train with Ubuntu (Debian), CentOS (Red Hat) and Mandriva. Just download an ISO with a Linux distribution from DistroWatch and install it as a virtual machine on VirtualBox. (Here you can find an example on YouTube how to do that)

Remember: Learn how to Learn from MAN pages.

Examples of Job Opportunities

Success Story

If you interested with sharing your success story with LPIC-2 please contact me.

Questions and Answers

Q: Can I find somewhere any news from the LPI world about updates and new exams?
A: We are going to publish these information on our site (also with interview with a LPI representative), but you should always look for new information on an official website. LPI has created a Wiki page for that.