Management of Risk – M_o_R Practitioner

by Mirek Burnejko

The Management of Risk – M_o_R Practitioner certification proves that you’ve achieved sufficient understanding of how to apply and tailor M_o_R in a scenario situation.

M_o_R is part of the Best Practice Guidance portfolio. It’s published by Office. APMG-Group manages the certification and training process.

It’s a great certification for all people who work in a corporate governance environment and are responsible for managing risk across the organization.

The exam is based on Management of Risk – Guidance for Practitioners

What Exams You Must Pass to Become a Management of Risk Practitioner Certified

You must pass only one exam M_o_R Practitioner. You must have the M_o_R title to achieve the Practitioner certification.

A training is recommended, but not required.

Format of the Management of Risk Practitioner Exam

It’s an objective test with 4 questions per paper. The passing score is 50%. You have 180 minutes for this test. You can have an access to Management of Risk – Guidance for Practitioners.

Where You Can Pass the Management of Risk Practitioner Exam

You have two option. You can take a training to have a chance to pass the M_o_R exam. Find the nearest Accredited Training Organisation here. Some of the training centers offer some kind of e-Learning trainings and mixed e-Learning/Workshop courses.

You can also register to an exam without a training. More information here.

How Much Does the Management of Risk Exam Practitioner Cost

The cost depends on:

  • Country
  • Exam with or without a training

For information about pricing visit this website and find the nearest training/examination center.

How To Renew your Management of Risk Practitioner Certification

Your certification is valid for 5 years. Before the end of expiration you must pass one exam. 4 open questions during 80 minutes. The passing score is 50%. It’s an open book exam.

Scope of the Management of Risk Practitioner Exam

  • Understand the relationships between the four elements of the M_o_R framework
  • Apply the principles, approach, processes and techniques
  • Review and make recommendations to embed the M_o_R framework
  • Create and assess any of the M_o_R framework documents
  • You can find more in the M_o_R syllabus

How To Prepare to the Exam

Examples of Job Opportunities

Your Opinion is The Most Important

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Questions and Answers

Q: I don’t want the Foundation certification. Can I achieve only the Practitioner one?
A: Yes and No. Yes, it possible, but you must sit on both exams. You can pass both exams the same day. After passing both exams you will receive only the Practitioner title.

Q: I’ve heard about the M_o_R Trainer title. Is it true I need a better score on the M_o_R Practitioner exam?
A: Yes, you must achieve a score of 66% on the exam.