MDI Certified Developer – MDICD Apple iOS

by Mirek Burnejko

MDI Certified Developer – MDICD Apple iOSOn the trainings market you can find several companies that can tech you how to develop applications for iPhone or iPad. One of these companies is On The GoWARE.

On The GoWARE has in the offer three training programs for mobile developers – MDI Certified Developer (MDICD) – Google Android, BlackBerry and Apple iOS.

On The GoWARE offers also certifications form developers. The certification means they have verified that you know how to design, program, and publish a standalone application in iStore.

Let’s look what you must do to achieve the MDI Certified Developer – MDICD Apple iOS title.

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What Exams You Must Pass to Become a MDI Certified Developer for Apple iOS

To become a MDI Certified Developer you must create an application for iOS and do some changes required from a proctor. This process validates your knowledge and tests that your are a real developer and you can create and modify applications.

A training for the certification is recommended, but not required.

Format of the Exam

  1. Log into your active app store developer account and show the application is currently published and available for download
  2. Show that you have successfully installed and configured the development tools and SDK that were used to create the application
  3. Browse through the source code and explain the general structure and function of the major application modules
  4. Answer questions about the structure and approach of your application during the source code review
  5. Change your application

Where You Can Pass the MDI Certified Developer for Apple iOS Exam

You can pass the exam on your computer. After paying for the exam you must schedule a date with a proctor.

How Much Does the MDI Certified Developer for Apple iOS Exam Cost

The exam, with a real proctor costs $375.

How To Renew your MDI Certified Developer for Apple iOS Certification

The certification is valid lifelong.

How To Prepare to the Exam

The easiest way to prepare to the exam is to create as much applications as possible. If you haven’t programmed for iOS you can use one of these programs to start.

Examples of Job Opportunities

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