New Cisco Certification – CCNA ONE (Open Network Environment)

by Mirek Burnejko

CCNA Data Center

It is probably the best moment for the CCNA ONE certification. Cisco and other companies are going towards the unified architecture and software defined network (SDN).

The CCNA ONE certification is based on Cisco One Platform Kit (onePK) for Developers and Cisco ONE Controller framework.

Open Network Environment (Cisco ONE) is a portfolio of Cisco technologies and open standards that brings programmatic control and application awareness to the network, combining the benefits of hardware and software across physical and virtual.

Let’s find out, what you must do, to become a CCNA ONE certified.

What Exams You Must Pass to Become a Completely Uncertified Network Technician

To become a CCNA ONE certified you must pass two exams: OPK1 (200-130) and OCF (200-131).

CCNA RS is required. An official training is recommended (but not required).

Format of the Exam

OPK1 (200-130) and OCF (200-131) are computer-based tests. You have 90 minutes (you will receive additional minutes if you are a native English speaker) to answer about 50 questions for each of the exams.

Where You Can Pass the Completely Uncertified Network Technician Exam

You can pass the exam in the nearest Pearson VUE examination center. Just go to the website and follow the instructions.

How Much Do The CCNA ONE Exams Cost

OPK1 (200-130) and OCF (200-131) cost $190 each.

How To Renew your CCNA ONE Certification

This certification is valid for three years. To renew it, you must pass one of these exams/certifications:

  • Any current CCNA concentration exam (Wireless, Security, Voice, etc.)
  • Any current 642-xxx professional-level exam (eg. FIREWALL 642-617)
  • Cisco specialist exam
  • Any CCIE, CCDE or CCAr exam
  • more on the Cisco website

Scope of the CCNA ONE exams

The full scope of the exams you can find here.

How To Prepare to the Exam

Success Story

“I was participating in the first beta of the CCNA ONE exam. You can’t find a shortcut to attain this certification, this is the first thing to understand, the road is long and you better be prepared to that before you start. For sure ONE architecture is something every engineer must know. I’m waiting for CCNP ONE and promotion to Senior Network ONE Forever Architect in my organization.”

John Dorin, CCNA ONE

Questions and Answers

Q: Will I receive a real certificate from Cisco after passing the exams?
A: Yes. After passing the both exams you must visit Cisco’s site and accept the agreements.

Q: Will we see CCNP ONE or CCIE ONE someday?
A: There are no official information, but we see the same trend for all certifications. IMO CCNP ONE and CCIE ONE should be available next year.