The Number of CCIEs – Status March 2, 2013

by Mirek Burnejko

Number of CCIEsCisco Live Orlando is going to start June 23-27, 2013. Today you can find all sessions from this event on Cisco Live 365 (amazing resource). There are two sessions really interesting.

One of them is TECCCIE-8000.

This session covers CCIE Routing & Switching Program updates, and provides you an in-depth overview of what is covered in both the written and the lab exams.

Unfortunately this sessions isn’t available yet.

Second session is BRKCCIE-9163 – CCIE Service Provider (note: Cisco removed this presentation a few hours after publishing this article). In this presentation you can find one great slide: Number of CCIEs – Status March 2, 2013.

Number of CCIEs

I did some research.
Between February 22nd, 2013 and March 29th, 2013 almost 400 people received their CCIE numbers. These numbers are between 38300 and 38700. Let’s assume 38400 (March 2nd, 2013).

First CCIE number is 1025.

38400 – 1025 – 38005 = -630 ???

Possible answer:
Many people have more than 1 CCIE certification (3547).
The number shows every CCIE (so person with 5 CCIE certifications is counted 5 times).

What’s your opinion?

  • Vlad

    Easy: They did not get recertified. They had a number but right now it’s not counted because they are not active.

    • That’s not the answer, because in this case there are more CCIEs than technicaly possible. The only answer is that they don’t count people, but each certification.

  • Lukasz Dorosz

    Looking for the future, a wifi path is a very good choice

  • Jaime Diez

    I think they count the number of certifications. I have just get my number last week CCIE 39440 (Voice)


    • 1. Congratulations !!! 2. That’s very possible they count number of certifications.

    • If we use some math we can find that the number of all CCIEs (in this case) is 33268 🙂