Oracle Certified Associate – OCA DBA

by Mirek Burnejko

Oracle Certified AssociateOracle Certified Associate DBA is an entry-level certification targeted to Oracle database administrators. Oracle during several years has built a great certification system, from the entry-level (Oracle Certified Associate) to the master-level (Oracle Certified Master – one of the hardest certifications to get).

The Oracle certifications are based on the actual version of the Oracle database. Many companies still use Oracle DB 9i and 10g, on the horizon we see Oracle DB 12c. In this article we concentrate on the actual version of the database and the certification – Oracle Certified Associate – OCA DBA 11g.

Certifications from Oracle are well-known in the community and (like the database itself) are desirable by many employers around the world. Some people say, that the database world is going toward the non-SQL standards, but relative Oracle databases are still used in almost all big companies (specially in telecoms, financial and government institutions) and will be used by many years.

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What Exams You Must Pass to Become Oracle Certified Associate – OCA DBA 11g

You must pass two exams:

  • 1Z0-052 (Oracle Database 11g: Administration I)
  • and one of these three exams
    • 1Z0-007 (Introduction to Oracle 9i SQL)
    • 1Z0-047 (Oracle Database SQL Expert)
    • 1Z0-051 (Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I) [Recommended – Online Exam]

You do not have to complete these exams in a sequence and you do not need any prerequisites for the Oracle Certified Associate DBA 11g exam.

Format of the Exams

Every exam for the Oracle Certified Associate certification is a computer-based set of single and multi-choice questions. You have 90-120 minutes to answer 50-70 questions. The passing score is different for each of the exams.

You can read more on the detailed exam descriptions pages.

Where You Can Pass the Oracle Certified Associate – OCA DBA 11g Exams

For Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I and Introduction to Oracle 9i SQL are online exams. You can pass them on your local computer. To register to the exam you must visit the Pearson VUE site and choose non-proctored exam (registration to the Pearson VUE website is required). You have 30 days (when you pay) to start the exam.

For the other two (proctored) exams you have two options to pass each.

  • You can pass each of these exams in the nearest Pearson VUE examination center
  • You can also pass the exams in your local Oracle office (Oracle Testing Center (OTC)). To register to the exam you must go to the OTC website and click schedule to buy an exam and choose the date..

If you have a problem with creating a Pearson VUE account, please watch this great video.

How Much Do the Oracle Certified Associate Exams Cost

  • 1Z0-007 costs $125
  • 1Z0-047 costs $195
  • 1Z0-051 costs $125
  • 1Z0-052 costs $195

How To Renew The Oracle Certified Associate DBA Certification

The Oracle certifications are valid lifelong. The Oracle Certified Associate certification is connected with a version of the exam. In this example, your title is OCA DBA 11g.

Scope of the Oracle Certified Associate – OCA DBA 11g exams

The actual list of the topics of each exam you can find on the official website.

How To Prepare to the Exam

You should also lab all topics from the exams requirements. You can download Oracle Database 11g Release 2 on the official Oracle website (FREE for education purposes). We recommend the Enterprise edition, because some topics of the exam are only available in this version. You must create a free account on the Oracle website for that.

You can install the database on a Windows or Linux machine. A good and easy way is to install it in a virtual environment (for example in VirtualBox). The easiest way is to install the Oracle Database on CentOS (RedHat) in VirtualBox.

Examples of Job Opportunities

Success Story

If you interested with sharing your success story with Oracle Certified Associate – OCA DBA 11g please contact me.

Questions and Answers

Q: I love using the Oracle database on my notebook and prepare to the Oracle Certified Associate exam. I have only one problem. I want to generate a lot of data for my databases. Do you have any solution?
A: A great tool, which you can use for preparation to the exams, is the online