QLogic – Fibre Channel Associate FCA

by Mirek Burnejko

Fibre Channel Associate FCAFiber Channel is still one of the most important technologies in the enterprise market. It’s unfortunately quite complex and not too many engineers understand all contexts of Fiber Channel protocols and hardware-level operations. So maybe it’s a good time to learn something about Fiber Channel?

QLogic is one of the leaders on the storage networking, storage adapters and ASICs market. The QLogic Fibre Channel Specialist Certification Exam consists entirely of practical exercises designed to test your knowledge about installing, configuring and managing a QLogic Fibre Channel Fabric.

If you are not interested with this certification you should check the training section on the QLogic website. Online trainings are 100% FREE !!!

What Exams You Must Pass to Become a Fibre Channel Associate

You must pass only one online exam – QLogic Fibre Channel Specialist Exam. There are no other requirements.

Format of the Exam

It’s an online exam. You must answer 50 questions (the passing score is 80%). You have 2 hours for that.

Where You Can Pass the Fibre Channel Associate Exam

You can pass the exam on the QLogic website. Visit the training section and create an account. Next visit the exam page and register. Sometimes the exam isn’t available. In this case you must contact QLogic via mail.

How Much Does the Fibre Channel Associate Certification Cost

The certification costs $150.

How To Renew your Fibre Channel Associate Certification

You do not need to renew this certification.

Scope of the Fibre Channel Associate Exam

  • Part 1: Installation/Configuration
  • This part will consist of the configuring a QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter and a 2 switch fabric consisting of QLogic 5000 series switches.

  • Part 2: Troubleshooting
  • This part will be broken into individual issues. You will have 6 individual issues to identify and repair. You will need to submit the cause of the issue, not just repair the issue to successfully complete each issue

How To Prepare to the Exam

QLogic did an amazing job with training materials. Of course an experience with QLogic switches is a benefit.

Examples of Job Opportunities

Questions and Answers

Q: What other certifications are good for me? I want to work with storage networks.
A: At this moment most of switches available on the market are from Brocade and Cisco. If you are going to work with QLogic, Brocade and Cisco switches you should also think about certifications like CCIE Storage or Brocade Certified Fabric Administrator 16 Gbps (BCFA). A good choice is also a certification from SNIA, which is a number one source of vendor neutral information about storage and storage networking. [SNIA Certified Storage Professional (SCSP) or SNIA Certified Storage Engineer (SCSE)]