Riverbed: The Fastest IT Certifications in the World – with Maurilio Gorito

by Mirek Burnejko

Maurilio Gorito RiverbedThis is an interview with Maurilio Gorito form Riverbed. Marilio is a legend in the networking world. Today we are talking about the Riverbed certifications and the evolvement of Riverbed’s education program.

If you have not heard about Riverbed, you must read about them. They provide one of the best WAN accelerators on the market and the Riverbed portfolio is growing. Great company, great engineers, great products.

Why I know that? I had spent many hours with the Riverbed devices and engineers with few big projects.

In this interview you will find:

  • Who should get a Riverbed certification?
  • How to prepare to the RCSA or RCSP certification?
  • Do you need a networking background for Riverbed certifications?

IT Certification Master: Hello Maurilio. It is a big pleasure. Please, tell us how long have you been working with Riverbed and what is your story?

Maurilio Gorito: I have been with Riverbed for two years. I come from a technical background holding triple Cisco CCIE certifications in R&S, Security and WAN Switching, and I have worked mostly in IT Networking for more than 25 years. Before joining Riverbed, I spent 9 years at Cisco as part of the CCIE Program team where my duties included the Program Management of the CCIE R&S certification track.

ICM: Could you describe the history of the Riverbed certifications?

MG: Riverbed launched its first certification exam back in 2007 with the RCSP-W and the second, the RCSA-W exam, in 2010. Both are part of the WAN Optimization track.

Last year, we launched the RCSA-V and the RCSP-V as part of the Network Performance Management certification track.

ICM: Riverbed has four IT certifications in the portfolio. For whom they are targeted?

MG: The WAN Optimization track is targeted to professionals who are looking to demonstrate their expertise in WAN optimization and application acceleration. How to design, implement and troubleshoot solutions for small, medium and enterprise networks.

The Network Performance Management (aka Visibility) track is target to professionals who are looking to demonstrate their expertise within network visibility such as design, implement and troubleshoot a NPM solution.

Both tracks have an associate level exam as well as a professional level exam. The RCSA is designed for those who are seeking to demonstrate intermediate level of expertise on the mentioned areas. The RCSP level exam is designed for those with advanced expertise level skills in the same areas. Both WAN Optimization and Network Performance Management tracks have RCSA and RCSP certifications.

ICM: What is the benefit for engineers with Riverbed certifications?

MG: The key benefit for those who achieves our certifications is that they can say they have the expertise in WAN optimization and/or Network Performance Management. They now have something that makes them a distinguished IT professional among others.

ICM: Similar question. What is the benefit for employers with hiring certified people, with RCSA or RCSP?

MG: The confidence that they are hiring the best skilled professionals with the right expertise in WAN Optimization & Application Acceleration, and in Network Performance Management technologies and solutions

ICM: Are you going to add new levels like Cisco, with some kind of lab?

Riverbed CertificationsMG: We develop our certifications looking to address the need for well preparedness in the areas we have talked about so far. We also follow standards and best practices involving test creation to ensure our exams or assessments will certify the right professionals. Currently, we don’t have plans to develop a hands-on or a performance kind of test but we are always revisiting the industry needs and if we identify the need to develop an exam to certify on an extra level of expertise we will.

ICM: Where engineers should train for the Riverbed certifications? I know, we can’ t find any official resources in the Internet. Do you have plans to publish any book or study-guide? Do you have plans for remote labs for training?

MG: We publish Exams Blueprints that highlight the content areas the exams will cover and offers references and guidance on how the candidates can better prepare such technical documentation and training classes.

ICM: What would be the biggest mistake candidates make preparing for the Riverbed certifications?

MG: Not putting enough time in on hands-on practice. While our exams are written or multiple-choice exams, we want to verify if the candidate has a deep knowledge on the technology and to have that built, the exposure to our technology is ultimately the best preparation candidates can have.

ICM: We’re talking about IT certifications. Which other certifications engineers should have to be the best of the best in the industry? What is the best combination for people with RCSA and RCSP?

MG: Having a good networking background is fundamental. The understanding of networking protocols, applications and services is definitely a plus when engineers want to get certified in RCSA and RCSP in WAN Optimization and Network Performance Management.

ICM: The final question. What do you think in general about certifications? Should people concentrate on a single one (but hard to achieve) or many (but from several specializations)?

MG: It is difficult to find a single certification exam that will address, in terms of content on an expert level, all the important subjects an expert professional is expected to have: WAN Optimization, Routing, Switching, Security, Storage, Network Performance Management, and so on.

In my opinion, network engineers should seek to get certified on an area they feel they want to be distinguished in and as you progress in your career you can get certified on additional areas.

[This is part of the Interviews with Vendors Series]

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    I’ve just achieve my RCSA-W, it’s indeed hard exa to take. But, it’s worthy to pursue. Steelhead is one of the best WAN optimization appliance 🙂