SAS Certified Base Programmer

by Mirek Burnejko

SAS CertifiedThe SAS Certified Professional Program currently includes seven levels of globally recognized certifications for SAS software users. In every case, to earn a SAS Certified Professional, one must demonstrate an in-depth understanding of SAS software and pass one or more exams.

SAS Certified Base Programmer is an entry-level certification from SAS Institute. The certification is also the starting point as a requirement in the advanced programming certification track. The actual version of the certification is based on SAS 9.2.

SAS expects that the successful candidate needs at least 8 months of intensive use of the base SAS system.

What Exams You Must Pass to Become SAS Certified Base Programmer

You must pass only one exam – SAS Base Programming for SAS9 – A00-211. You do not need any other requirements to become a SAS Certified Base Programmer.

Format of the Exam

You must answer 70 single and multi-choice questions. The passing score is equal to 65% and you have 2 hours to end the exam.

Where You Can Pass the SAS Certified Base Programmer Exam

You can pass the exam in Prometric. Just choose your country from the list and find the nearest examination center and register through web or call them.

How Much Does the SAS Certified Base Programmer Exam Cost

The exam costs $180 plus taxes. If you are a full-time student or you work at the university you can receive 50% discount (more about it in QA section on this page).

How To Renew Your SAS Certified Base Programmer Certification

The SAS Certified Base Programmer certification does not expire, but it is valid for the certain version of the SAS software. In this case you will be a SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9.

Scope of the SAS Certified Base Programmer exam

You must know how to work with SAS 9.3:

  • Accessing Data
  • Creating Data Structures
  • Managing Data
  • Generating Reports
  • Handling Errors

Ac actual scope of the SAS Certified Base Programmer exam you can find on the official website.

How To Prepare to the Exam?

Examples of Job Opportunities

Success Story

If you interested with sharing your success story with SAS Certified Base Programmer please contact me.

Questions and Answers

Q: I have heard about SAS Global Certified Professional Directory. What is that?
A: SAS Global Certified Professional Directory is an online database of all engineers who hold the SAS certifications. When you pass the SAS Certified Base Programmer exam, SAS will add you automatically to the database.

Q: How can I receive a 50% discount for the exam?
A: If you are a full-time student or you work at the university you can receive the discount. Just send an of an electronic copy of proof of your affiliation (letter with department head’s or other administrator’s signature) via e-mail to [email protected] They will send you a discount code which you can use during a registration to the exam.

Q: Will I receive a real certificate?
A: Unfortunately SAS does not send certifications after the exam. Only a PDF version is available.

  • Michel Jubinville

    I have both Base and Advanced certifications 9.1.3. Got it in 2008. I’d like to go further but unsure what could be the next step. Any idea ?

    • ICM

      It is the hardest question to answer, because:
      1) I do not know what is your specialization.
      2) I do not know nothing about your career path.
      For sure SAS wants to change something with their certifications. Maybe a new level, but I don’t think so.
      Have thought about other big players? Oracle/IBM?

      • michel jubinville

        I’ve been writing SAS Program since 1990. Mostly ETL type. I’ve coded SQL stuff since. Here, it seems OK to just do Base and Macros in SAS. But elsewhere, it’s another game. DI, BI, etc… I may be working in some places where Base and Macros won’t be enough. So, I ask myself, what path should I follow in the next monts ? As for BI in SAS, it looks like I can only learn it at SAS Institute in NC. Not very practical must I say. And since we can’t have SAS at home anymore, and I’m not too hot on On-Demand SAS (being at the mercy of web traffics and foreign servers), I can’t practice anymore unless when I’m at the client’s office. Maybe I could start with DataMining ?

        • ICM

          Data Mining is an amazing choice. First of all you can still work with a SAS product.
          Also the biggest players (IBM, Oracle, Microsoft) have their own products.
          Maybe not too many IT certifications (that we all love) as the pure database world, but…

  • neeraj kumar

    hi sir, it was nice reading your information on sas and business analyst
    could you please guide me through with my career. I m fresher graduate.
    and I don’t possess any work experience currently. I completed my
    graduation in IT and I am intrested in getting trained in SAS technologies
    and SAS programming. can you please help me out here with my decision
    on whether or not I should go ahead with it. would it be helpful for building
    up my career in business and data analysts and related jobs? what are the
    option I should take up with.? show helpful is it or is it helpful at all rather,
    if not what I should be possibly doing to see myslelf growing in above
    mentioned fields and their jobs.
    thankyou sir.

  • George Roberts III

    Currently, according to the SAS website the minimum passing score is 70% and the alloted time is 110 minutes.

  • divya

    I have been working with sas for 10 yrs now. Am an advanced sas programmer. Wanted to know if there are any certifications available. What else certification can i do?