SecurityTube: High Quality And Low Cost Infosec Certifications – with Vivek Ramachandran

by Mirek Burnejko

Vivek RamachandranThis is an interview with Vivek Ramachandran, who is the Founder & CEO of

Vivek and his team also have created Security Tube Training, where you can find high quality and low cost Infosec trainings.

In this interview you will find:

  • What is the biggest advantage of SecurityTube certifications?
  • Why your enterprise need people with the SecurityTube Wi-Fi Security Expert certification?
  • How to prepare to SWSE and SMFE certifications?

IT Certification Master: Hello Vivek. I am a big fan of SecurityTube, so it is a big pleasure to have you here. Tell me something about you and your role in SecurityTube and Binary Security Solutions.

Vivek Ramachandran: Thanks Mirek, I am happy to be here!! I am the Founder and Chief Trainer at SecurityTube. SecurityTube started four years ago as a one stop destination for information security education. Today our website has a reach in 220 countries and our certifications already taken by people in over 40 countries.

ICM: Let’s talk about your certifications. I know you have two security certifications in your portfolio. Can you tell me in few words about them?

VR: SecurityTube currently offer two certifications:

SecurityTube Wi-Fi Security Expert – This certification is ideal for penetration testers, security enthusiasts and network administrators. This course-cum- certification is fully hands-on and will teach the student how to conduct wireless penetration tests and also secure the network using best practices. The course is based on my book “BackTrack Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner’s GuideBlack Track Wireless Penetration Testing”. The USP of the certification is it’s detailed and in- depth course material with – 12+ hours of 40 HD videos coupled with self-explanatory slides on various topics of Wi-Fi security Q&A Forums and Doubt clearing sessions

SecurityTube Metasploit Framework Expert – Metasploit is one the most popular vulnerability assessment and exploit research frameworks available today. It is a community driven open source project and hundreds of security researchers contribute their know how to it regularly. In this course, we take you through an in-depth tutorial on using Metasploit for vulnerability assessment and exploit research. The most interesting and exciting part of the SMFE course is the LIVE on-line labs which enables the student to get hands on experience on the latest technology and hacking techniques

ICM: Tell me more about SecurityTube Wi-Fi Security Expert. What is the main idea of this certification? 

VR: Wi-Fi Security is unfortunately one of the most under rated topics in InfoSec with most people thinking it’s all about “WEP Cracking”. Nothing could be further away from the truth.

Every enterprise is wanting to deploy Wi-Fi in their premises in a safe and secure way but the huge dearth of Wi-Fi security professionals makes it difficult to find skilled people. Our idea being the SWSE was to help solve this problem.

The SWSE is a highly technical, in-depth coverage of W-Fi (in) security which starts with the absolute basics and ends with advanced topics like WPA-Enterprise hacking and securing. True to SecurityTube style, we have made a community edition for the courseware for casual enthusiasts.

ICM: What is the main difference between this certification and Offensive Security Wireless Professional (OSWP) from Offensive Security?

VR: Purely from a professional stand point we would not like to comment on any other certification. However, we believe that our strongest point is our high quality content and our affordable price levels. Having said this, it’s up to the students to evaluate different courses and decide for themselves.

ICM: I really like the idea with the SecurityTube Metasploit Framework Expert certification. Can you tell us what I can learn with this certification?

VR: The SecurityTube Metasploit Framework takes the student through the following:

  • How to audit their network for security vulnerabilities using Metasploit
  • Break into different operating systems such as Windows, Linux and OS X
  • Learn how to bypass firewalls, intrusion detection systems, Anti-Virus etc.
  • Post exploitation techniques such as how to download data, run programs, spy on the system remotely etc.
  • Write their own Metasploit modules, Meterpreter scripts and automation tools
  • How to begin with Exploit Research using Metasploit

  • ICM: That will be a hard question 🙂 Your certification system is quite young. Why I should choose your certifications rather than certification from Offensive Security or EC-Council?

    VR: We believe that quality educational material should be made available for one and all. This is the only way to make the world better! It pains us to see that there is dearth of quality content, and the ones available are unaffordable. We stared SecurityTube to make high quality InfoSec education content available to one and all. Then we realized that most certifications in the industry seem to be again unaffordable to students by charging exorbitant sums of money. We started SecurityTube Certifications to thus provide certifications based on our high quality course material at an affordable price.

    Every new certification has an uphill climb to establish its credibility, but we feel we are covering ground really fast. The testimonials of our existing students says it all.

    ICM: Your certifications are connected with your trainings. Can I learn the certification topics without your training and pass one your certifications?

    VR: No, the certifications are not linked to the real world training. The whole course is in the form of video tutorials which gives the student a better understanding of various concepts of the subject. Also, the lab exercises gives him an in depth knowledge of the real world scenarios.

    ICM: What is the BEST option to become SWSE or SMFE? A training or maybe a notebook with Linux and few hours a day in Starbucks?

    VR: All our certifications are developed on an online self-study model. Our online modules are designed in a way which gives a student a structured and comprehensive learning. The flexibility of the course makes it easy for him to pursue the course alongside his day to day routine tasks. Our student forum gives him support to clear his doubts and solve his problems on a regular basis.

    ICM: Let’s talk we want to build a security expert. What other certifications are good as a additional to SWSE or SMFE?

    VR: It is difficult to answer this question in a general form as security is a vast topic and aiming to become an expert at everything is probably a very difficult task for anyone. We are planning to come out with other certifications! So stay tuned. 

    ICM: Thank you so much. Please tell me about your plans for 2012/2013? Will we see new certifications or trainings?

    VR: We are planning to grow massively in 2013 by launching at-least 5-6 new courses to cater to the upcoming demand for trainings in various specialized area of the security domain. True to our vision, the core videos will be made freely available to one and all.

    [This is part of the Interviews with Vendors Series]

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