Senior Level Linux Certification – LPIC-3

by Mirek Burnejko

LPIC-3Senior Level Linux Certification – LPIC-3 is the highest level in the certification system from LPI.

To become a LPIC-3 certified you must pass Junior (LPIC-1) and Advanced (LPIC-2) level certifications and achieve senior level understanding about several Linux distribution.

As we can read in the interview with a LPI representative: The LPIC-3 program consists of a single exam for LPIC-3 “core” designation. A number of “specialty” exams are proposed as additional designations on top of the LPIC-3 core.

It is a very good move from the LPI perspective and creates even more value for the LPI certifications. It is also great, additional, Linux certification for RHCE from Red Hat to prove your skills with other distributions like Debian and Mandriva.

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What Exams You Must Pass to Become LPIC-3 Certified

You must pass only one exam LPIC-3 (117-301).
To achieve Senior Level Linux Certification you must have an actual LPIC-2 certification.

You can also achieve a specialization for the senior level.

  • Mixed Environment – by passing 117-301 and 117-302 exams
  • Security – by passing 117-301 and 117-303 exams
  • Virtualization & High Availability – by passing 117-301 and 117-304 exams

Format of the Exam

All the exams are normal computer-based exams. You must answer less than 100 single and multi-choice questions. You have 120 minutes for that.

Where You Can Pass the LPIC-3 Exams

You can pass these exams in Prometric or Pearson VUE. Just register to an exam on these website and choose a date.

How Much Doe the LPIC-3 Exam Cost

  • 117-301 – $300
  • 117-302, 117-303 and 117-304 – $190

How To Renew your LPIC-3 Certification

The LPIC-3 certification is valid for 5 years. One of the 117-301/302/303/304 exams. Passing one of these exams also renew your LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 certifications.

Passing the 117-301 exam does renew the specializations 117-302/303/304.

Scope of the LPIC-3 exams

The scope of the LPIC-3 exam and the specialization exams is covered very well on the official website.

How To Prepare to the Exam

Examples of Job Opportunities

Success Story

If you interested with sharing your success story with LPIC-3 please contact me.

Questions and Answers

Q: Where can I check if my certification is valid?
A: You can do that on the official website. You will receive a Verification Code after receiving first LPI certification.