The Best IT Certification Articles in 2012

by Mirek Burnejko

2012Below you can find the most popular articles from our website in 2012.

List of IT Certifications

That was the most popular page on the website. We are working on describing each certification from that list, but we also know this is a long process. Some vendors have very clear information about passing an exam (like Cisco or CompTIA), but there are some companies where certification process is complex and unclear (SAS, EC-Council). We also started CertRank which is a user based ranking of certification. We are going to make it more useful. At this moment we have votes from 246 certified people.

The Hardest IT Certifications to Get

A short article about 7 the hardest IT certifications to get. After this article we received many emails and comments… there are hardest certifications to get. So this year we are going to release a new list.

List of Cloud Certifications

This is the list of all Cloud Certifications available on the market. In 2013 we should see many new cloud certifications and growth of the cloud technology.

How to Become a Networking Rockstar – with Rick Mur (CCIE JNCIE)

That was the most popular interview on our website. Rick Mur is a legend in the networking industry. Actually he is working on a CCIE Data Center Workbook and other very interesting projects. We also hope to see him more on our website.

Why No One Reads Your IT Resume (And What to Do About It)

It’s a very popular series of articles about writing a resume in IT industry. The series was done by Eman Conde who is one of the best head hunters in the world.

The Best IT Certification to Start Your PRO Career

10 experts helped us and suggested the best certifications to start with. VCP, CCNA and CAPM are still foundation of a great career.

The Morepheus Guide to Kill Dumps and Heal The Certification Industry

That was very controversial, but needed article. This year we are going to work more with this subject. Let’s find a real problem and fix it. Simple, isn’t it?


That was a crazy year. We would love to thank you one more time for all the support. This year we are going to work harder on IT Certification Master and other connected projects. Thank you and good luck.