The Best Trainings About VMware vCloud Director

by Mirek Burnejko

VMware vCloud DirectorTill last month I was thinking VMware vCloud Director is a niche product. When I was speaking with one of my new potential clients, I asked him what tools they use. The answer was: 1. Blah 2. Blah 3. V Director…. You mean VMware vCloud Director – I asked. Yes, yes – he said.

So it’s time to upgrade my skills and try to understand (finally) how vCloud Director works.

From VMware website:

VMware vCloud Director applies the principles of pooling, abstraction and automation to all data center services like storage, networking, and security. By dramatically simplifying the provisioning of these services, VMware enables IT to provision complete and operationally ready infrastructure without worrying about the physical configuration of hardware.

But what does it mean. Let’s find out using these online videos and trainings.

1. VMware vCloud Director and How It Works – from Backup Academy

Backup Academy is one of my favorite places to learn about virtualization and backup strategies in the virtual world.

Backup Academy

This new video was created by David Hill (vExpert 2012, VCP, VCAP-DCD, Senior Solutions Architect from VMware). It’s a great overview about vCloud Director fundamentals and how/why to deploy it in your organization.

2. VMware vCloud Director 5.1 Essentials – from TrainSignal

If you are looking for deep knowledge about VMware vCloud Director you should check trainings from TrainSignal. The whole series was created by Chris Wahl. You will find here 12 video lessons about installation, configuration and day-to-day operation tasks with vCloud Director. Here you can watch one video lesson for free.

3. vCloud Director Training – from VMware

You should also check free VMware Education Services. VMware has created this great course about vCloud Director. After watching training from Backup Academy, you should check this one as soon as possible. You will find here 13 video lessons created by John Krueger, VMware Education Technical Lead from VMware.

May The vForce be With You

Technology is changing so fast. If you don’t have time to watch long video lessons, please find one hours and watch this short and great presentation from Backup Academy.

Are there any other good resources about VMware vCloud Director?