The Truth about Dumps, IT Certifications, Google and Us – Part 1

by Mirek Burnejko

googleAfter my last article: The Morepheus Guide to Kill Dumps and Heal The Certification Industry I received several emails from my readers. Some of them was negative, like this one:

“You’re an idiot. Companies don’t care, they want only money from exams. Dumps offer them more people who can pass exams…”

I want to believe it’s not true… but when I look on facts…
I decided to do a small research. In the first step, I’m going to show you what people are looking for. Only facts.

You can find here a research about 10 popular certifications.

  • To obtain these IT certifications you must pass a test
  • Most of these IT certifications had an amazing value in the past
  • Most of these IT certifications are a starting point for people who begin their career

IT Certifications

From the list of 1739 certifications we’ve chosen 10. Bear in mind, keywords are chosen to show you the problem, not to present all available solutions or show which exams are better or worse.

  • CCNA from Cisco
    • Exam to pass: 640-802
    • Additional requirements: No
  • Network+ from CompTIA
    • Exam to pass: N10-005
    • Additional requirements: No
  • LPIC-1 from LPI
    • Exam to pass: 117-101
    • Additional requirements: Second exam 117-102
  • CWNA from CWNP
    • Exam to pass: PW0-105
    • Additional requirements: No
  • CEH from EC-Council
    • Exam to pass: 312-50
    • Additional requirements: Documented experience
  • EMCISA from EMC
    • Exam to pass:E20-001
    • Additional requirements: No
  • MCTS Windows Server 2008 Active Directory from Microsoft
    • Exam to pass: 70-640
    • Additional requirements: No
  • SSCP from ISC2
    • Exam to pass: SSCP
    • Additional requirements: Documented experience and endorsement
  • JNCIA Junos from Juniper
    • Exam to pass: JN0-101
    • Additional requirements: No
  • OCA DBA from Oracle
    • Exam to pass: 1Z0-052
    • Additional requirements: Two additional exams: 1Z0-007, 1Z0-047 and/or 1Z0-051

What we Test

There are thousands of tests we can do, but in this Part 1 we decided to test only basic keywords from Google search engine and other tools. We are using: Google Adwords (Number of queries), Google Insigts (Countries) and Google Search in private mode.

  • How many people each month are searching in Google for phrases:
    • Exam-name (e.g. CCNA)
    • Exam-number (e.g. 640-802)
  • How many sites with dumps you can find on the first page of Google
  • Are people searching for dumps in Google
    • Exam-name dumps (e.g. CCNA dumps)
    • Exam-number dumps (e.g. 640-802 dumps)
  • In which country people are looking for these phrases
    • Exam-name dumps (e.g. CCNA dumps)
    • Exam-number dumps (e.g. 640-802 dumps)

First page of Google

Number of searches for name and exam code are from Google Adwords (exact match). Number of dumps for name on 1st page and number of dumps on 1st page for exam code are from in private mode.

NameSearches for NameSearches for Exam CodeDumps for NameDumps for Exam Code
CCNA 640-802130,0004,4001/108/10
Network+ N10-0056,6007201/104/10
LPIC-1 117-1012,4002100/1010/10
CWNA PW0-1053,600365/102/10
CEH 312-5022,0002,9000/10*7/10
EMCISA E20-0014807202/109/10
MCTS 70-64060,50012,1000/107/10
SSCP –8,1002/10
JNCIA Junos JN0-1017205900/108/10
OCA DBA 1Z0-052581,0001/107/10

* – other companies use the same shortcut


  1. If a person looks for an exam name (not knowing about dumps) it’s possible he/she will find valuable information
  2. If a person looks for an exam name (not knowing about dumps) he/she will find dumps (sometimes only dumps)
  3. It’s a big problem for exam numbers: 70-640 (12,100 searches a month) and 640-802 (4,400 searches a month)

Are People Searching for Dumps

We know when you are looking for an exam or an exam number you will find dumps (if you want to or not). But maybe people are honest and don’t look for dumps.
Lets check that and compare with numbers of queries from the last research.

NameNameExam CodeName + Dumps*Exam Code + Dumps*
CCNA 640-802130,0004,4409,900390
Network+ N10-0056,600720360
LPIC-1 117-1012,400210100
CWNA PW0-1053,60036460
CEH 312-5022,0002,90039012
EMCISA E20-00148072000
MCTS 70-64060,50012,100390390
SSCP –8,10010
JNCIA Junos JN0-1017205904636
OCA DBA 1Z0-052581,000110

* – Google Adwords shows that people also using queries like “name-of-a-company-that-creates-dumps” + Exam Number/Exam Name.


  1. Keep in mind, we test only one phrase (“1Z0-052 dumps” is something else that “dumps 1Z0-052”)
  2. As we see many people are searching for dumps in google (don’t mention forums, direct sites, torrents, etc.)
  3. Some certs have a big problem: OCA DBA (for each 9 queries, 1 is for dumps), CCNA (for each 12 queries, 1 is for dumps), JNCIA Junos (for each 14 queries, 1 is for dumps)

Where are Those People

With Google Insights you can check where live people who are using google search to find dumps. We’re going to test queries from the last research: CCNA dumps, 640-802 dumps, MCTS dumps. (Google Insight needs more data, so we can read results only for these 3 terms.
Additionally, we are going to test two companies that create dumps)

The biggest amount of queries is described as 100.

CCNA dumps

  • India – 100
  • Pakistan – 46
  • United States – 1

Link to Google Insights

640-802 dumps

  • India – 100

Link to Google Insights

MCTS dumps

  • India – 100

Link to Google Insights


  • Nigeria – 100
  • Sri Lanka – 97
  • Pakistan – 74
  • Kuwait – 72
  • Egypt – 69
  • Jordan – 59
  • India – 43
  • United Arab Emirates – 42
  • Saudi Arabia – 34
  • Singapore – 32

Link to Google Insights


  • Sri Lanka – 100
  • Jordan – 55
  • Hong Kong – 54
  • Singapore – 46
  • Egypt – 42
  • India – 38
  • Pakistan – 38
  • Kuwait – 36
  • Taiwan – 31
  • United Arab Emirates – 30

Link to Google Insights

Results… or questions

  1. Why people from Europe or USA don’t look for dumps?
  2. Are these results are connected with number of engineers per country, but not with a country itself?
  3. Is there a problem with people who search for dumps, or maybe with people who don’t know about dumps and find them in Google?

What Next?

In the next articles we are going to:

  • Test expert-level exams.
  • Test what people who create dumps do to market themselves.
  • Ask vendors what are they doing to stop dumps.
  • Ask certified people about a solution.
  • Answer the question: Is this the end of certifications or maybe there is no problem?

Your Opinion

What do you think about these results? Why companies don’t fight with dumps is search engines? Please share your opinion in the comment section below.

  • L.I

    These foreigners, particularly from India, use dumps as a way to steal US jobs. They lie about their experience on their resume by adding fake companies you cant verify. Many of these indian guys have no networking talent and its quite noticeable the first day on the job.

    • prof kamarul

      Right, they usually come to Malaysia first then move to the US. You ask them any question e.g what is KLCC, it is a programming language they say.

  • During the 2010 olympics here in Vancouver, our government decided to import a whole lot of Indian “pro” networkers to help out with the setup. There was a “shortage” they said. Anyway, They had CCNA, CCNP and even one CCIE, network+ etc. These are things that should mean skills. Guess what? We ended up going behind schedule, they came to our college and begged us to help out, as we are a cisco training centre. They couldn’t even snip a cat5 ethernet cable properly and put an end on it, the subnet masks were all wrong so nothing would connect, only two guys understood VLSM the lists goes on. At my current job I get tons of guys from India applying, and as hiring manager I have to make the decision risk it or not? From my experience I think you know what my answer is. Im not saying everyone from that country is bad, just that the problem is so rampant its ridiculous. Dumps ruin everything for everyone, period.

  • A voice from Germany

    What a Pecksniffian insincere phoney discussion! You do not want to see the truth, do you?Because it’s too hard to swallow. Face realities. The global job market realities. There is a tremendous gap between the demand of IT specialists and the supply. IT staff is exploited, hired & fired, and no longer sought after as it was once. Today, it is difficult to build an IT career without cheating. Since the economic globalization at the beginning of the nineties “human resources” have been played against each other and salaries have been dumped down to a minimum. The globalization’s winners are the big companies. Of course, those companies offering IT exams are well aware of what is going on. As long as they can profit from the “black market” (brain dumps, fake IT certificates, etc.) they turn a blind eye. The certification industry is too big a market! Those involved in it (authors, certification centers, exam makers, course/class vendors, prep material suppliers,etc.) jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of the IT professionals’ necessities, pressures and fears. It is a fact that many IT companies demand certain certifications as a door opener. Plus life-long experience and excellent practice skills. The employees have exaggerated standards and claims with respect to the candidates. They want extremely high qualified candidates/slaves who work for a starvation wage. So what do wealthy IT students from all over the world do? They start buying all the necessary IT certificates, brain dumps, doctor titles in order to get a position as a project manager in a renowned IT company. Of course, the “right job connections” will have the same effect. As a project manager you do not need specific practical knowledge while being well-paid. The true victims of this whole lunatic asylum called job market are the those IT talents who cannot afford expensive schools, courses, certifications. Those who cannot buy an IT career.

  • marc edwards

    Smart companies know you get what you pay for. It is easy to spot experience weather it was gained in the field, in a class room, or in a certification center during a test. I live an IT support career and happy to be employed in a strong industry. Demand out paces supply for many IT jobs, especially Cisco networking. That puts some advantages in the worker’s pocket.

    Certifications get me an interview. I still have to get the job.



  • It’s a real shame that dumps are being used in the IT certification industry. As the other commenters have mentioned, it makes it hard to find the good candidates before they start – but you find out on the job. Maybe one reason why the countries mentioned are searching for dumps is because of the smaller economy, they can’t afford to fail? I mean, $300 for an exam is a lot to get when you live in India or Sri Lanka?

  • Arun Raju

    For all of you who have posted about Indians, my only suggestion is not to stereotype. Folks who want to be genuine still take up exams with good prep and field experience.

  • Al

    Dumps discourage people that really train to certify. I remember when I was getting my CCSP. The 1st test was called secure or something like that. It’s been a while. I knew the concepts since I worked in the field for years. I studied the course material, and took the test. I scored better than 90% on the test, but FAILED because at the time passing was north of 95%. The test was overly vague. Sure there were plenty of real world questions and concepts, but there were nearly an equal amount of nonsense questions concerning what tabs are on what screen, and useless nerd knobs that no one would ever use outside of the weirdest corner case imaginable. It cost me to re-take the test. I passed the 2nd time and fought my way through the other exams, but it really soured the whole experience. I’d have to agree after working in the internetworking world for 25 years. Certifications don’t mean as much as they once did. I’ve interviewed several candidates for engineering positions over the years. Some come in with a long list of certifications, but still can’t answer basic questions.