Top 10 IT Certifications for 2014 – I Need Them All – Especially #6

by Mirek Burnejko

Top 10 IT Certifications for 2014This year our list of the best IT certifications for 2014 is different.

You won’t find here the best expert-level certifications, the hardest certifications on the planet to get, or the coolest ones. You will find here certifications that will help you to prove your knowledge about new technologies like Cloud, SDN, Big Data, IPv6 and virtualization. I trully believe these certification will help you to find great job offers in 2014-2015.

I hope you will find it useful. I’m looking forward to hear your opinion in the comment section below.

Some of these certifications were created for beginners, some for experts. One is certain. These certifications will help you on the job market and prove you skills to your clients, bosses and colleagues.

10. Network Programmability Designer/Engineer from Cisco

It’s not available yet 🙁 These certifications combined with the Cisco’s strategy should be a game changer. We should see a lot topics around Cisco ONE, ACI and other SDN ideas from Cisco. I see more and more SDN projects on the horizon, so these certifications should give you and me more credability on the job market. Will see.

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9. MCSE – Private Cloud from Microsoft

Last editions of Microsot Windows Server are amazing. My clients think about migrating they resources from VMware environment to Hyper-V. Outstanding new features taken from Microsot Azure make Hyper-V one of the best products on the market. That’s why knowledge and certification about building Private Clouds will give you advantage.

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8. Mirantis Certified Administrator

This certification maybe isn’t popular. Maybe you haven’t heard about Mirantis. I’m sure you’ve heard about OpenStack. Mirantis is the number one pure-play OpenStack company. If you can afford training and the cost of the certification exam you can learn a lot and prove your skills. Thousands companies around the world use OpenStack. They need skillful specialsts.

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7. VMware Certified Professional 5 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP5-DCV)

VMware VCP-DCV certification is the number one certification for virtualization specialists. If you can choose only one certification from this list which will help you to find an exciting job, you should try with VCP-DCV. This certification will prove your skills about virtual environment and configuration of VMware vSphere. Great certification.

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6. Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE)

Companies migrate to public and private clouds, implement SDN, move network functions to virtual environment. The biggest service providers, data centers and enterprises need real designers who can provide amazing architectures, think about business and have expert-level knowledge about IP protocols. That’s why CCDE is so amazing. It proves your skills and you’ll learn a lot during the certification process.

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5. IPv6 Sage from Hurricane Electric

Finally. Finally I see clients that use IPv6. I see projects that require IPv6 implementation. I see Data Centers that provide IPv6 resources for their clients. Unfortunately, finding a real expert is a tough task. That’s why adding one of the best certifications to your resume is a good idea.

Relevant website: Cisco 6Lab.

4. CCNP Data Center and CCIE Data Center from Cisco

There is not too many experts who understand networks, SAN, servers and virtualization. CCNP and CCIE Data Center combine all these subjects and prove your knowledge about building scalable, secure and reliable Data Centers. If you combine CCNP DC or CCIE DC with certifications like VCP5-DCV or MCSE – Private Cloud, your value on the job market will be enormous.

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3. PMI Agile Certified Practitioner – PMI-ACP

Agile development, Scrum, Lean Six Sigma. These phrases are extremely important in 2014. I see more IT projects that need more agile project management. That’s why the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner certification is one of the most important on the market for Project Managers.

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2. Cloudera Certified Professional: Data Scientist (CCP:DS)

Data Science is a hot topic this year. We all here the term: Big Data almost everyday. Cloudera Certified Professional: Data Scientist is probably the best place to start. I work mainly with networks and cloud solutions, but always the Big Data topic is somewhere around. If you are starting your career, you should rething your goals and consider the Data Scientist path.

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1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate and Professional

This is number the one certification I’m working on right now. Amazon AWS is a game changer. Low costs, many services and not too many experts on the market. In my country small companies, but also the biggest ones need people who have knowledge about Amazon AWS. If you can prove this knowledge with certifications, then you are a real winner.

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How About You?

What’s your top ten list of IT certification for 2014? Please share your opinion in the comment section below. THANK YOU !!!